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Unconditional Love

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I feel like a tank of love overflowing and bursting at the seams.

When you take care of your personal wellbeing, you are better able to take care of the health of others, your community and environment. Having a strong body, calm mind, and free spirit, fills your tank with love! It also happens to give you tons of positive energy in your life, to create, cultivate and share your story (in an uplifting way) with the world.

So often we are focused on being "cool," "hip" and "sexy" that we forget how all that we do is to obtain a certain feeling. That feeling is being loved, or feeling happy, accomplished, impactful...

By practicing self-love you are able to take action on things that are meaningful in life. You won't need to always do more to feel good, you will already feel AMAZING!

This might seem overwhelming for some of you who are struggling right now. I once struggled with anxiety and even depression and thought feeling this way was impossible. Fortunately, it is possible in all shapes and forms.

Whether you have self-love or are searching for it, know that change happens from the inside-out. So either way, I encourage you to use a super simple positive affirmation "I love myself." Every time you look in the mirror, say aloud (or in your head) "I love myself". The blemishes and flaws that you though you might have, will slowly wash away and give way to a full tank of love!

You are loved!