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Transforming Hatred to Change

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We have every right to be pissed.

WE DEMAND CHANGE... yet it nevers seems to come.

Fortunately the time to act is now.

Yet we need not hurt, harm, or destroy.

That pent up rage, frustration, and sadness can be channeled into creation.

Just like the freedom we so desperately seek, the freedom to choose how we channel our energy is a power that each one of us has.

We can use this power for good. We can follow our passions. We will become successful and give back...

We are the people and we demand change NOW.

Take to your creative hobbies, passions, sport, and put the pent-up emotion into your craft to become the best. To beat those who want to suppress others. To replace them with people like you and me who have good values. Rather then shaming and blaming we can create a new insystem and scrap a dying one.

This is our time and us young people will lead humanity out of the darkness into the light.