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The Strong Current of Technology

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Wading through knee deep water as the waves battered my shivering body, I began to notice an undeniable current pulling me into the vast ocean expanse. As I dove under the line of waves and jumped over the wave breaks, the current pulled me off the sand bar and into deeper unknown water. The current sucked me in and fortunately I knew how to combat its strong force, by intentionally swimming perpendicular to the beach. With that simple and deliberate movement I was able to escape the firm grasp of the current, which is responsible for distributing hot water from the equator to the poles. Many of us are stuck in a strong current although we may not be fully aware of it. This is the strong current of technology and it can suck us into a dark never-ending vortex. With immense power, technology and the ocean can be harmful if misused. In our modern age we can be caught up in a permanent 'zombie' scroll. We feel a compulsive urge to check our phones and tune into the grid. We end up consuming meaningless content that is simply not healthy. This is self-inflicted harm. By practicing self-awareness and controlling our impulses to be sucked into the current, we can combat the strong pull of social media and excessive technological use. When we understand the importance of what is happening below the surface, or on the inside, we can change what is happening on the outside. Transformation is from the inside-out. So get in touch with YOU and do what you need to do, in order to be aware of the current and use the current for good. The same platform can be harmful or incredibly productive. The power is in your hands to make it a tool for transformation. By using the technique of Stop, Pause, Observe, Report, Transcend (SPORT ), we can.practice awareness and become more intentional and productive in our actions.