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ohhh lesson #2 - Tech Training

Ditch your phone for an hour, day or if ya can an entire week! It will do you wonders...

I have overcome my addiction to technology and my phone - it certainly hasn't been easy. This is the story of beating impulses and re-gaining control of my monkey mind.

Hornby island provided me the perfect environment to steer clear of my phone (no wifi, no service) and stay stoked (beautiful strait of Georgia, family, friends) while ditching my devices. At first, I was slow to let go of the urge to scroll, check-in and stay updated on all that's happening in the digital world. Technology can be a whirlwind, sucking you into a frenzy of uselessness, or a tool for creativity, fun and impact. Luckily with the encouragement of the ocean ( calling my name to jump in) and the reminders from my family, I was able to detach and stash my "life" in a drawer. One week later I opened up that drawer feeling happy as a clam. Now, I take frequent tech-detoxes. I have become more present, focused, happy and calm as a result of a little self-discipline.

That week was the best of my life. Unlimited connection to the earth, ocean and climate. Practicing yoga, working out on the sandstone and even reading a cool book. Connecting deeply with my family and sister in particular. Reflecting on my crazy awesome year and internalizing all the lessons i've learned. Reliving incredible past experiences and making new ones.

Let me tell you... ditching your phone goes a long way. If you don't believe me, just try it yourself. *I'll see you in an hour, day or week - let me know how it goes and what your experience is like.