• Bodhi

simplicity -> success

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

In India you must keep your few meager possessions in good shape. By doing so you will keep yourself in top shape! Today after seeing the smiles of the young faces and happy and bright eyes I was so inspired just to be in a perpetual state of natural wellbeing and consciousness!

The 400+ young minds are continuously seeking to expand and better themselves. They are so joyful, keen to learn, and eager to expand in their body's, mind's and hearts. I am fortunate to be part of such a loving group that wants to learn and is hungry to absorb what we have to offer!

The first class I taught this morning was a simple ideological approach to body, mind, and spirit! Instead the words were carefully curated by the kids to what they understood at a higher degree!

It is so fascinating that these crazy kiddos have such incredible potential, in terms of their physical, mental, and emotional awareness, yet they are cognitively and physically stunted to a large extent. Let this not serve as a setback, but as a opportunity for greater improvement in the future.

A quick example of the kids current mental capacity, is shown by their inability to solve problems, or even ask questions about the problems at hand. The sixth grade class is currently struggling with even the most simple of activities, such as their cause and effect timeline. To effectively teach them, it is critical that the atmosphere is a respected an safe/open environment where people can learn and grow through projects and simple mindfulness activities.

We must up OUR game to UP the game of the youth!