• Bodhi

Quieting the mind

In a bustling world, where thoughts jolt many of us out of wack, it is oh so important to just observe what we are thinking and have the tools and ability to turn down the loudness of our thoughts within. After listening to todays daily calm, I decided to set a calm peaceful base of existence of my own. This base would be unwavering and as thoughts fill up my mind, I would observe them and even mute them by (1) turning their volume level down - think of it like a mental knob, (2) observing them like the flow of a river, and (3) accepting not everything has to be done at this instant, by writing them down and focusing on what's important. By doing/being this, you will feel less fatigue and more freedom (you can control how you react to various thoughts). On that note, I'm getting hungry and will need to take care of my physical health. Remember, wellbeing is of the Body, Mind, and Spirit, so take time to thrive in each - you and I will be much better off...