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Our Health is Reflected in Nature

Biking on and off the wild Assategue island was quite a pleasure today. I feel more alive than ever before after pushing my body to work hard and giving my mind a break. The expansive marine ecosystem, wild birds, and washed-up shells gave the beach a prehistoric feel. Yet, after picking up a pound of plastic pollution and a large jug, reality slapped me in the face like a large breaking wave. Even in the most beautiful and ‘remote’ places, our poor choices are reflected in mother nature. We are inextricably connected with the oceans and in a significant way mother nature reflects ourselves. When we feel sad and mad that turmoil is reflected in the litter and poor treatment of the earth. When we feel thrilled and awe-struck mother nature is thriving and we are truly in a symbiotic relationship. Through gratitude, acceptance, and positive action we take the first steps towards bettering the inner state of ourselves and the external reflection on the environment.