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OHHH | A toolkit to feel good from the inside-out!

Ocean Health and Human Health are inextricably connected!

I recently asked the @oceanuprise team and my friends about what tools they use to stay healthy and happy! this is what they said:

  • "Stop and breathe when I feel scattered and overwhelmed"

  • "Yoga helps me to get loose and feel good"

  • "I limit my screen time so that I stop zombie scrolling"

  • "Every morning, I write down 3 things I'm grateful for. This really helps me feel happy and alive"

  • "I step outside, move my body without judgement and listen to music"

Guess what? Just like my friends use these tools to feel good, you CAN to... so give it a try and see how you feel :)

When I was three years old I asked god (the universe/greater force/something powerful) to "give us more love." Us was my family and the world. Coming back to that moment, I realize my toddler dream became a reality. Here is how that happened and what tools I use to live in a place of love (in three brief sections):

A few snippets of a short book I'm working on called "a young person's guide to ancient wisdom":

  • The ocean = life

  • Listening at times is far greater than speaking.

  • Balance is key.

  • Being in nature is revitalizing

  • “The gateway to growth is humility".

  • "Enjoy all moments, good and bad, there is a learning opportunity in everything".

I use these Affirmations that my mom taught me in times of need: