• Bodhi

My Dream(s) for Aarti!

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

After completing a networking activity that manifested as a TEAM via one connected web (of rope), teachers of the Aarti high school, elementary school, and Kindergarten, shared their hopes for the future of this organization. Teachers words are as follows: "Strong, responsive, together, responsibility, building a strong dream, commitment, healthy relationships for a noble cause, strong relationships, unity for a purpose, from a seedling to a tree bearing fruits

Let Aarti (Vijay Foundation Trust), serve as a shining example of: A network of love, a community of educators and avid learners, an organization constantly trying to improve, a community looking to expand and innovatively inspire others to create programs that will catalyze how people solve problems.

- Inspire excellence by leading a social movement that will leverage the existing resources in the world to inspire change, promote the values of love and compassion and most importantly foster the wellbeing of the next generation that will be the wave of change which our world desperately needs in order to thrive and reach it's full potential. -