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Moving into University

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Looking at life through a lens of love and light <3

We all have the opportunity to look at the world through a lens of love and light. This simply means that we allow our world view and daily perception to be built upon a foundation of love, thoughtfulness, care and peace towards others. This week I am practicing judgment towards myself and others. I am also practicing hyper-presence, being aware and fully "in" whatever it is that I am doing/being at every given moment. This is allowing me to see the world, my peers and the environment with a more grateful and caring outlook.

It is certainly true, that the energy which you put out into the world, is that which you receive. Today and everyday, practice radiating love and light. You will be AMAZED by how much better your day goes. It can start with smiling instead of frowning, waking up and saying what you are grateful for, or even taking time to savor your food that nourishes and fuels you :)

Everything comes full circle.

This week has been one of the best weeks of my life. Meeting incredibly fun, passionate and driven people, exploring a beautiful campus and city, buckling down into the "work hard - play hard mentality," and getting the job done at the end of the day.

I could not be more grateful to the @universityofbc for an incredible first week and an environment in which myself and many of my friends, are able to thrive academically, socially and emotionally! This is just a sneak peak of all the adventures, studying, exploration, curiosity, unwavering joy and impact to come over the next 4.5 years (BA + MM vibes).

Looking out at the rain last Saturday, after moving in, I felt unsure about what was to come as I embarked on my uni journey. This Saturday, watching the droplets hit the leaves, I am sure about what's to come. A life-long journey pursuing the mastery of ocean health = human health (ohhh) material, filled with a ton of ups, downs and everything in between. Life is good. No, life is great...

In one week everything came full circle.

Starting a new chapter in my life... where studying comes first and play second

Lessons Learned + Making Friends: