• Bodhi

Life has a way of slowing you down

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This morning I got into a car crash.... Well, really just a slight fender bender.

I have been going non-stop for the last few weeks, from playing in the regional soccer games, to rock climbing with my friends, to doing day-long SAT math tests. My most recent endeavor has been doing two promposals in the last two days. Literally, every single day of my life has been feeling like exponential growth in all that I do. So much stuff, and things I'm accomplishing, are seemingly meaningless when one is not present in one's body, or even currently existing on the earth. Bodhi (a note to-self), and the people of the world, you must slow down, take time to sit and breathe, so you can enjoy your life, not just constantly perform like a machine. In this regard, you must be slow and down to earth, so you can accomplish your dreams. Otherwise, you are perpetually moving in endless circles that leave you hanging in a tornado void that sucks you down and spits you out.

So coming back to the fender hanging off my- our BMW Z 5...

I have had little sleep, in my books less than 8 hours (high compared to the average teenager) and been on-the-go with little time for physical or mental rest.

I am begging you to slow down, take a break and do everything you do to your fullest, not just to get it done.