• Bodhi

Life Flow

You are a divine creation of the heavens. Inside of us we all have the unique powers and abilities to transform this world. To give meaning and purpose to every day tasks and to live life to the full list. Flowing through each moment and always knowing all is well. We all have unique gift to be ourselves to share our sense of purpose with the world and inspire others to do the same. Inside each and everyone of us we are connected through our body’s, minds and souls to the divine light, the heavenly light that surrounds our worlds.

The power of knowing that we are connected to the universe that flows around you is the greatest gift of them all. It is such an honor and a pleasure and a privilege to feel so connected and in the fun, focus and flex flow. I feel so good in my life to the point where I’m gratified by the simplest things.

An amazing walk with a friend, chatting about all that life has to offer. Doing 100 push-ups and 100 sit ups every day to feel that strength in my body. sitting down at my beautiful desk and the workspace that I thrive in and studying my butt off, while enjoying it. having a sip of water that nourishes and cleanses me. All these amazing things in life are so simple and yet that’s what life is composed of. A series of simple every day tasks that we all have to do. Our real power is choosing whether to do them out of love or fear!