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BFO 1: Interconnected with our Ocean

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

My name is Bodhi Patil and I am passionate about young people, wellness, and the ocean. I discovered these passions while teaching wellness at an orphanage, counseling at a skimboard camp, and playing for countless summer days in the ocean. But before middle school my family and I were in four countries in four years and I was lost. From an early age, living around the globe, I began to lose the focus and joy I once had. I felt trapped in a small dark box. Feeling limited and without roots ultimately led to my depression. Fortunately, I was taught to take care of my wellbeing with a toolkit for body, mind, and spirit. Amidst all this, the ocean has been a constant in my life. I have lived by the Atlantic Ocean, Java Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. Being on/in/around the ocean helps me to feel expansive and truly breathe. I feel deeply connected with our ocean and feel that its health is a direct reflection of ours. Now, I share the toolkit I learned with other young people to increase their wellbeing and empower them to become Ocean Guardians… Bike for the oceans is one way to share this toolkit with other young people. The ocean is one of my greatest healers, and I will forever be grateful!

We are very similar to the ocean and deeply dependent on it for good health and wellbeing. Just like the ocean, humans consist of three components: Body, Mind, and Spirit. The ocean consists of three components: Surface, Underwater, and Power (SUP). On the Surface, people see waves, ripples, and stillness. This is resemblant of the human Body because the physical component is what we see and influences how we perceive and are perceived by others. Underwater, rich in marine biodiversity or not, is what people discover when they dive beneath the waves. This is resemblant of the human Mind because from above water you cannot see clearly below, just as you cannot see another person's thoughts. The wonderful healing magic that one feels around/in/on the ocean is the very core of the ocean. This unseeable yet undeniable Power equates to the human Spirit. Together, Surface, Underwater, and Power (SUP) equate to the whole ocean and form a framework to combat Single-Use Plastics, just as body, mind, and spirit, equate to the whole human and form a framework for good health and wellbeing. As you can see, we are deeply interconnected with our ocean and planet, its decline in health will be at the peril of our own species. Just like ourselves, our ocean is very sensitive to change. Let’s capitalize on this sensitivity to expedite change within and without. We can act now to protect future generations and reverse the cycle of mistreatment on our precious and mysterious ocean.

P.S. Next week, we will start creating and placing tools in your toolkit.