• Bodhi

intention leads to action leads to results

Follow your heart, by breaking past your mind's restrictions and set a big ambitious goal for yourself. This month I am preparing for 4 AP tests and my SAT, which upon doing well, could potentially get me into the school of my dreams. I believe I can crush it, and in doing so, enjoy the process! The key part to making the most out of each moment of preparation, thought and action towards this ambitious, yet extremely plausible goal, is to be calm, focused and emotionally attuned to the small frequencies. Once you have studied and understood the mental aspect of what you are doing - to the fullest- then the only thing you ought to learn is how you work best. In this regard YOU need to study YOU. So become aware of your body, mind and spirit next time you take an exam, study for a quiz or even sit down to think about something meaningful to yourself. I inite every person to become emonitionally aware of themselves and environment so that you can flourish and truly reach your highest potential. Take a breathe. Write down your thoughts. Stretch out your body. Set your intention. Begin that 'grind' that YOU can make into such a wonderful learning opportunity. Spread your wings and fly!!!