• Bodhi

finding peace amidst the tornado of life

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. With so many varying demands and routines set in place that we must enact upon It is hard to find a peaceful moment. Yet on top of our physical demands, we push ourselves to have a creative perception and positive outlook. So how is this all possible. Well.. It starts by coming to the present moment and being willing to receive answers to your questions. I am constantly wondering if I am doing enough in my life. The answer in short is yes. "You are doing exactly what needs to be done to propel you to where you want to go".The real question is... are you being enough? Recently I have found podcasts such as the daily Calm on the Calm app, to be very beneficial in my overall wellbeing and productivity. I realized that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING, whether your the richest or poorest person in the world, needs time to be. Whether this means sipping a glass of water and feeling the wetness on your tongue, or taking a second during your lunch break to find a sunny corner and have some quiet time- human BEings need time to do what we do best, BE. Our society has trained us into extreme efficiency. Although this is awesome for socio-economic gain, technological innovation and a multitude of other factors, it deteriorates the single most important thing in our life- our health and wellbeing. Without good health, productivity goes out the door. Alway remember this helpful peace of advice, " If you are working for something, but going in the wrong direction, then all that hard work is basically counterproductive". So please take some time (5 mins) everyday to just be and when you are DOing things be mindful, attentive and focus on going in the right direction!