• Bodhi


Everything is relative to a certain extent in the sense that we all make decisions that we feel are best for us in a certain moment, to obtain pleasure, seek revenge, avoid discomfort, acquire a new friend, or the plethora of options for decisions that exist in this digital world. Integrity is so important nowadays, as well as self reflection. We all need to reflect on how are immediate gratification endeavors are affecting us in the long run and ultimately aligning with our values. I really need to deeply examine my thoughts, feelings, and actions, and start from scratch by embracing a new way… delayed gratification! In a nutshell, this means being ok with stopping and pausing before attempting to satisfy the seemingly urgent human needs we all have. There may be a million resources that exist to help us improve ourselves, yet it all starts with you, a thought, feeling, and action to manifest your dreams into reality! So take time and devote energy to daily micro practices of centering and grounding. Be open to new though patterns and embrace all emotions (energy in motion). Life is sweet. People are confusing. Education is competitive. Sports are grueling. Mostly if your reading this, then know that you are damn lucky to be aliv, and should be grateful for every breathe, because not everyone gets the chance to inhale the glory that our world has to offer.