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By Taking Care of our Ocean we are Taking Care of ourselves

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We are DEEPLY INTERCONNECTED with our ocean. The fact of the matter is very simple. When we take care of out health the oceans health is boosted, as it is a reflection of ourselves. Just like our oceans provides breathe, our ocean offers us food, medicine, climate control, amazement, inspiration, and joy. I feel at home in the water and this feeling brings an immense amount of joy.

When the human race does not create and enact sustainable systems, the oceans suffer. Did you know that unsustainable agriculture leads to ocean dead zones? Ocean dead zones are detrimental parts of a marine ecosystem that can be created by an overflow of pesticide, chemicals, and sediment. Dead zones are what their name implies - water bodies that are completely free of life. However, there is an exception. Toxic algae growth occurs where there is an abundance of CO2. Toxic algae like red tides, consume and contaminate marine life and seafood. This consumes all the 02 in the environment, disrupting the natural cycle. Without oxygen, there is no air and no life. When runoff, waste, and polluted groundwater enter a given waterbody, the pH of the waterbody becomes unbalanced. This lack of balance causes death through algal growth and poor water-related recreation for humans. Many times cities with large ports, agricultural facilities, and chemical factories create immense of damage to the local rivers, which flow into the oceans.

Just like the ocean should ideally have a pH of 8.2 our bodies should have a pH of 7.4. We need to stay towards the alkaline side of the pH scale. The lungs control our bodies PH balance by exhaling a slightly acidic CO2. A great way to stay healthy is by drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water can be from a reusable filter or an alkalizing water dispenser. Most fruits, vegetables, and nuts are alkaline. By eating healthier and supporting sustainable agriculture the oceans and ourselves. The backbone for OHH starts with with the simple things including following a strong moral compass and set of values. Stay alkaline and stay safe... we are on this mission together.