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BFO 7: The wonders of our ocean have healed our Bodies, Minds, and Souls: Featuring Marissa Glaze

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

A wandering mind and a wonderful ocean is what we possess but have the two ever collided?

Have we ever sat down and asked ourselves “WHERE DOES THE OCEAN COME FROM?”

For most of my life that question never crossed my mind. It just seems like something that was always there, like air or dirt. We have them but we rarely appreciate their purpose.


Many scientists developed theories on the origins of water. The one most evidently supported is during the time period "The Late Heavy Bombardment" asteroids and comets that crashed into earth had deuterium (Heavy Water), which formed craters of water. Approximately 70% of the earth is covered in water and in that 70% they are 7 major seas. They include the North Pacific, South Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Atlantic, South Atlantic, and the Southern Ocean. On these very same oceans our ancestors voyaged and explored the waves that changed directions at different times. Without their brave actions to go searching into the unknown, we wouldn't have the tools in order to push our curiosity further than our eye can see.

The ocean has existed for billions of years and is a source for living creatures. The fishes, turtles, sharks, whales, algae, and many other species would be extinct if the ocean did not exist. The constant plastic pollution caused by humans is slowly taking away the life of innocent creatures. The oil companies that produce these products don't care where the products end up after leaving the shelves and neither do most consumers. They have instilled upon us the idea that we need plastic to survive in our daily lives. All it takes is one step made affected upon millions, to create waves of change. One motivated step that shows the ocean that we care about its well being.

The ocean has served humans longer than we have existed. So we owe the ocean the right to a clean surface, pristine underwater, and sustained power. For generations, the wonders of our ocean have healed our body, expanded our minds, and unleashed our spirit.

The ocean evokes so many emotions, and has been said by world champion big wave surfer, Greg Long, to have created “waves of change” in his life. Every time I am by the ocean I leave feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled. My emotional state is boosted and even after hours in the surf and sand, I am energized. Even being distant from the ocean, I feel a deep connection and pull to it. Just because you may have not experienced the ocean or had the opportunity to live by the sea, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. Fortunately, the ‘story of plastics’ and many ocean schools have made accessing the oceans more equitable. In the weeks to come the Parely Youth Team will be upgrading the existing ocean uprise module ( and will be co-creating an Oceans 101 education and activation series, to make the power of the oceans available to all.