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BFO 6: Our Blue Planet and the Human Body are the same: Foster Maidenberg:

Did you know that the human body and the planet each are made up of about 70% water? Since ancient times, explorers have "followed the water." Water's unique chemical and physical properties are essential to human survival. Without water, basic physical processes would be impossible. Cells within our body would die. None of the essential physical functions, such as breathing, digestion, or muscle movement could take place without water. The ocean is the home of hundreds of thousands of different species of life. Most people on this planet eat fish and other aquatic animals. These fish provide many nutrients which help humans to survive. Humans need water in order to survive. The average human can live up to 3-4 days without water but can live 3 weeks without food. Water is the lifeblood of us and our blue planet

Having a clean water supply is extremely important to human health. Absent, inadequate, or inappropriately managed water services expose humans to health risks that are preventable (WHO) . After all, 70 percent of our global water use is for irrigation and agriculture (USGS). Often, a lack of clean water means a lack of food, because communities are unable to grow food.

Water is essential to all life. This is precisely why human beings are composed of a majority of water within our cells. The fact that our planet and our bodies both are composed of 70% water, goes to show that we are even more interconnected with water. It is an innate part of human existence to be dependent and thrive around water. The biggest source of water on our planet comes from our oceans. By taking care of ourselves, we are taking care of the very thing that enables our lives and enjoyment. We are also sustaining this essential part of the planet for future generations. A fantastic tool to add to your toolkit, is staying hydrated. Drinking two gallons a day from a reusable water bottle will do wonders for your health. Sometimes when you feel hungry, it is your body needing water. Drinking lots of alkaline water has helped improve my mood, energy level, and mental stamina. Alkaline water has a pH above 7.0 and is better suited to absorb into your cells and align with your body's pH of approximately 7.2. Fortunately, Parley has a reusable water bottle that will keep you hydrated and reduce plastic waste.(


Foster Maidenberg is from New York and is a rising high school senior. Foster has worked with Parley in the past by interning in the New York office in the summer of 2019. Foster also attended the amazing Ocean Uprise Camp that was hosted by Parley last summer as well. In his free time, Foster loves to surf and play ice hockey.