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Being FULLY With Yourself

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I never thought that being by myself was a good thing, so I always surrounded myself with other people. From school, work, sports too events, activities and the outdoors, I sustained an attitude that was made being alone = bad. Today, for the first time in 18 years of my life (a big throwback to Hawai'i life haha), I have fully embraced being with myself and have accepted that it is crucial to spend time SOLO if you want to dig deep into all that you DO.

Coming out of the surf this evening, I felt rattled and un-grounded. Catching a wave into shore, my surfboard fin snapped off and left me feeling extremely disappointed. For a moment I was REALLY pissed off and upset. Walking down the beach and across the street to my car, I was fuming. Then I looked back at the ocean and thought for a second, "Why did this happen? Is the Ocean trying to teach me a lesson?" Driving down the North Shore, I sat with this feeling and then everything came to me!

My internal voice was saying "Bodhi, you need to SLOW DOWN and appreciate the beauty of everything in front of you! You need not be going 100MPH to enjoy life and feel gratified. What if you took one chunk of your day just to appreciate the little things in life."

I challenge you to slow down your monkey brain and energized body, put away your phone and enjoy something that seems so insignificant. Today my life changed forever. Being alone and going "slow" is actually an opportunity to DIG DEEP and LEVEL UP. By embracing the little things in life that we always skim over - we obtain a new depth of awareness :) So sit with a glass of water or a snack and appreciate all the wonders of life. Even if it seems like a gloomy day, the sun can ALWAYS be shining on the INSIDE.