• Bodhi

balancing overdoing and under-being

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Life is wack. The constant churn the evenings of fun and even solitude. Everything comes down to how you feel in a moment. Presence is being slow in rapid secession.

How is it possible to be present admits this day and age? It seems as if we are all part of a grand scheme made by a higher power. Does anyone really have control over their lives or is everything a matter of a divine plan?

Well, I believe that both, whether we like it or not, are hear to serve the better good of ourselves and the world around us. There are infinite amounts of love and light present in the worldly perception of our universe. If you learn how to harness this creative power, than you can truly manifest your dreams, through your actions!

Don't be afraid to put in the hard work. Be open to whatever life throws at you and most importantly align yourself with your divine plan by accepting life's inevitabilities, and pursuing your passion!