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all is well

deep down you know exactly what you need, want and what is right. so often, we are unsure about where to go, what to do and how to act.

all the answers lie within and you are on your divine path. everything happens for a reason and things come to you, or not, for a reason.

it is all good and for the divine betterment of your life and pursuit of joy. live, laugh and let live.

social, mental, physical and emotional opportunities arise as they should, so accept wherever you are at in the here, now. there's only one way to go and that is up.

everything in your present moment is being built on countless experiences from past moments. you are on track and have the love, comfort, closeness and support that you need to change the world!

how I want to feel:

I want to live free of external thoughts, burdens and doubts, fully present in the here now and engaged with the task at hand.

I want to be treated, feel, seen as a powerful creator and lighthouse of energy and love.

I want to be re-assured and fully aware that I am in the perfect place. the rain is great for studying.

some thoughts:

share the lessons, stories and developments you have experienced with the world!

you like to have a continuous flow of things to do and enjoy, so embrace the fullness of life with open arms and a clear mind.