• Bodhi

A very important lesson I learned

Not everything it life is pretty and flowery. Yet, this shouldn't discourage us from seeing the beauty in everything. I am currently reading the Celestine Prophecy 'Twelfth Insight' by James Redfield, and have learned the meaning of the word "agape". I am fascinated by this word, as it means to have a love for everything around you - looking past the judgements- that are extremely apparent in present day society. To me, this word carries a strong meaning. A meaning so powerful that it is the secret to unlocking the full bounty of life offered here on planet earth. A beautiful technique to rediscover my agape for the world around me, is called sun bathing. This literally meaning standing, sitting, kneeling or crouching facing the sun and breathing it into your body. You can literally do this anywhere, at any time -if there is no sun, close your eyes and envision a ball of light- and it has a number of pleasant effects. Let the light come through your body and clear your mind, soaking up the endless bounty that the golden rays of light have to offer. Basically, I encourage you to step outside, breathe in the light -letting it clear your mind and refresh your spirit- and continue your day with a new sense of agape wonder for the hustle and bustle of the world around you!