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3 tools to feel great

Life can get messy... with so much external stimuli & loads of todo's, chores & activities, sometimes you simply don't have time to chill & feel good. So, when you start to feel caught up in the business of it all, firstly remember to TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Yea, inhale & exhale. Just like that you have taking your fist step to feeling great! At this point, I'm sure your curious to discover more. Now, take out a journal, planner, notebook & a writing utensil & do a 1 minute brain dump! Dump everything cluttering up your mind on that piece of paper. This is an awesome activity, where you become aware of what's going on, release it & decide all will be well. The third step to feeling great is creating a positive affirmation for yourself! Some of my personal favourites are: All is Well, I am a Beautiful Bright Light & for starters, life is ok. Just a simple positive message, will enable you to come back into the present & truly create from there!