In my experience, In order for a young person to become a sustainable activist for the oceans they need to embark on a 3 phase journey to embody OH=HH!


Phase 1: Improving personal well being is the first step to becoming an Ocean Guardian


Phase 2: Understanding the urgency of the problems our ocean faces


Phase 3: Advocating and collaborating to solve these pressing problems


In the AIR

Change is happening now. We will lead humanity to equity and justice. Lets eco-innovate, create and channel our energy into goodness. Change starts from the inside-out.


an Ocean Guardian

 In four steps


Step 1

InnerLight is having a strong body, calm mind, and free spirit. Transformation starts by boosting health and wellbeing from the inside out. When we are healthier we are better equipped to improve the lives of others and state of our ocean


Step 2

OH=HH, spells OHHH, which evokes a sense of wonder for humans and the ocean. Building an Ocean guardians platform where this curriculum can be expanded on with youth inputs and ideas is important for youth-driven development


Step 3

Create content that features youth to build a strong OHHH youth education network that eventually spans across the world.


Step 4

Developing a strategy and plan to implement curriculums in ocean schools across the seven seas.